Monday, December 19, 2011

Goal !!!

Assalamualaikum, hey yo people.
What's up ?

See the title there ?

Yes, it's up there.

So what's up ? The title of course.

Woah, woah. I should stop all these nonsenses I guess.


Okay2, please pay attention students.
Goal di sini bukannya goal dalam football matches tu okay.
Aku dah jarang dah layan football sekarang, don't know why.
Kalau tengok ja, mesti gaduh dengan adik aku.
Al maklumlah, beliau peminat tegar Manchester United,
aku pulak die hard fan Chelsea, pembenci setan merah itu.
Bhahahaha *evil laugh*

Back to the main topic.
Everybody has their own goals right ?
So am I.

Goal yang aku tetapkan ni adalah goal jangka masa panjang.
I wanna be a doctor, to be more specific, a pediatrician.
What's a pediatrician ? Google it yo buddy !

A kid doctor lah, haha.
Why kid doctor ?
Because I love kids, and I wanna be a doctor as well.
I combined those two interests, and there you go.
A pediatrician ! That's what playing in my mind.

Insyaallah, I'll do my foundation in science starting on next month.
Well that's my plan.
A plan to achieve my goal. :)

Some of my friends did asked me,
"Are you sure you're going?"
"Are you fully ready?"
My answer for those questions is a big YES.
This is what I want, and this is also my parents' dream.

This is a great opportunity that I think I should just grab it.
I know I have to sacrifice my school holidays, and everything.
But I hope that will worth something.

I was kinda reluctant at first,
not sure with my decision.
I discussed it with my family and I did istikharah prayer,
insyaallah I'm on the right track :D

I, myself, don't know why did Malay and English at first,
but ended up using English at the end. Hahaha
Trying to improve myself, I guess.

Here's something for everyone :
Set on your own goal, and just go for it !
Remember, don't cross the bridges before you come to them.
Meaning : don't think about problems before it appears.

Thanks for willing to spend your time reading this.
I'll write more soon, assalamualaikum.

Writing is my passion. Please enjoy yourselves while reading it. :)

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