Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Malaysia is Great !

ni teks choral speaking adik aku yang aku hafal dalam masa 2 hari ja, daebakkk !!! ;)

A very warm welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
log in to Malaysian website
on a special insight of Malaysia,
allow us to take you on a journey
exploring the past and present,
and putting the next stepping stones for tomorrow's future
showing you that one Malaysia is great, united we stand as one.

tick tock, tick tok, tick tock,
the big old tower clock ticks, it's the final countdown
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
dong ! dong ! dong !
hooray ! merdeka ! merdeka ! merdeka !
that was the hour, all Malaysians stood as one.

so, you see. one Malaysia is not something new
one Malaysia is great !
why ? why ? why ?
we accept and appreciate
various races and cultures in our country
Malaysia truly stand as one.

although we do not have the same customs and believe
we share a love for many things
like what ?
F-O-O-D, food. yes food. delicious food, everywhere !
roti canai and tandoori,
nasi lemak and ikan bakar,
chicken rice and beriyani rice,
fried noodles, dim sum and shark's fin soup !

and don't forget,
we also share celebrations.
celebrations ?
yes, celebrations !
Selamat hari raya...
Gong xi fa chai,
and.. Christmas ! ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.
a harmonious blend, unlike any other in the world.

we Malaysians,
Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks, and many more
will stand united as one.

together as one, we can make it,
together as one, we can do it.
in one voice, we are Malaysians,
in one hope, vision 2020,
in one nation, successful Malaysia,
in one cheer, MERDEKA !
having one flag, Jalur Gemilang
and one song, Negaraku
let us all work together,
hand in hand to create a better tomorrow,
for.. Malaysia is great !

ladies and gentleman,
thank you for visiting the Malaysian website,
so long.. farewell..

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