Thursday, September 8, 2011

Satu Malaysia, Satu Benua, Satu Dunia

slogan baru yang dicipta oleh Anis Syifa Shoib !

let's spread the love.
ermm.. can I continue my writing in English ?
It has been a long time since my last English post, hehe..

i just got my English trial result,
it's still an A+, but I want a better A+
well, i'm not trying to show off, just feel like writing this way.
first and foremost, sorry for any grammatical errors,
I'm trying to improve myself. =)

well, I attended an open house yesterday,
the house is not so far away from my school so we walked together.
it was like a school trip, seriously.
students in their school uniforms walk in a group. haha
but we didn't even feel ashamed.
because.... we have no reason to feel that way !

it was fun,really, to walk with friends in group,
chatting like haven't met for years, haha
even though we might seem like a little 'wild',
that doesn't make any differences !

okay, the open house was just as awesome as I am.
I mean, yeah. It's super awesome.

then, we went back to our school to take our bags.
I waited for a while and tended to call my mom to fetch me up.
children, here's a piece of advice.
public phone belongs to no one, it's a PUBLIC phone,
so it belongs to the public, anyone can use it.

so to my that junior, next time don't be so selfish.
lucky I wasn't that mad, only if I lose control, I might be...
err... don't know. I'm unpredictable !

lastly, I had to walk back home. pity me, huh ?
didn't feel like wasting my time waiting for my turn to use the public phone.
once I got home, my mom told me that we'll have a guest.
sorry, not a guest, but guests.
they are from Kemboja. (what's Kemboja in English? Cambodia, isn't it?)

well, yeah, they came to our house.
they actually are studying in IKM.
they have been here since two months ago, but I was surprised that they can speak very fluent Malay.
just that one of them that can't really speak well, but he can understand us.

we had some conversation and that was quite interesting.
my father kept telling them that I can speak Chinese, that made me blushed, okay ?
I wasn't that talkative anyway, cause I was quite shy. hahaha

the best thing about them is that
they are way too handsome !
I mean, the boys are good looking, seriously.
and there's a girl with them. She talked less, but laugh a lot.
her Malay is much better than the others.
so when the others were trying to speak in Malay, she laughed at their mistakes.
what a bad friend she is.

but their presence changed my impression.
know what, I used to afraid of foreigners actually.
but after I had few conversations with those Cambodians, I now knew that there are nothing to be afraid of.
that was why I made up that slogan
"Satu Malaysia, Satu Benua, Satu Dunia"

Writing is my passion. Please enjoy yourselves while reading it. :)

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