Sunday, November 21, 2010

School Holidays !!!

school holidays might sound fun and interesting for most of the students..
but not for me..

that's cause i love my frens sooooooo much
my life would suck without them [ that's part of kelly carkson's lyrics ] hehe..

sometimes i'll feel nervous when the holidays are coming
i'll plan what to do during the free time without my frens around..
i wonder how will it be when they're not here
i doubt my days will be terribly boring !!

my family planned to go somewhere together
that sounds cool !!
we rarely have the time to gather so i hope this holiday will be different..huhu

the first week of holidays passed
everything went right
we got together every second
that's the most precious moments of my life i guess..

i promised to myself
i will always love my family because they are my flesh and blood..
i won't be in the world without them..^^

my school holiday is all about my family !! <3

Writing is my passion. Please enjoy yourselves while reading it. :)

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