Wednesday, August 25, 2010

me n my friends are planning a big project...
we are entering a GIANT competition with last minute preparation !!

haha..sounds impossible for many person..but belive me..
we are,yes, WE ARE doing something big in just a few days..

we didn't get enough sleep and rest..we stayed back at school every evening and got problems with our homework..
it's all the project's fault !!!

no matter what,my friends are amazing !!
i've thought of not entering the competition anymore as we have faced a lot of trouble since we planned to..but they simply ignored me..
how could them ??!

the closing date is on next week but we still have a lot to do..

hope that our effort will worth it..
if not,we'll be very dissapointed,seriously...

p.s Learning is fun..(^^,)

Writing is my passion. Please enjoy yourselves while reading it. :)

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